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Opioid Addiction: A Man Made Epidemic

During my sons active addiction I never gave any thought to where his pills were coming from beyond the pill mill doctors he visited once a month. I was too busy trying to save him from the addiction that would … Continue reading

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Herion. Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth. Start the Conversation.

The front line of this fight is to Stop the Silence. Scream the Truth. Let people know that Addiction is in their own towns. It walks the halls of their schools and sits beside them in their workplace. It is teaching their children, driving their buses, policing their streets, and killing their neighborhood children. Continue reading

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Double Standard Stigma

Please welcome MaryBeth Cichocki to our blog and visit her at http://mothersheartbreak.com/ As the mother of an addict who overdosed, I’m always saddened by some peoples reaction when I tell my son’s story. Well, he was an addict they say. He … Continue reading

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