So Much Loss

So much loss in our world today it shakes me to my core. Too many young lives gone to soon, now angels knocking on heavens door. Why can’t this country wake up and see the total destruction of our society. They keep filling the jails and prisons too, that’s not the cure they know it’s true. What will it take, a hundred more of our babies at heavens door? I am angry, sad, and broken within but I refuse to quit, I will never give in. I pray our children have the strength to survive, to battle this demon and come out alive! I promise my child as I stand here today, I will never give up until this war is won and not one more family has to say goodbye to their own loved one. ♡

About heidih45

I am a mom who has a 24 yr old son who has been addicted to drugs for 8 years but is currently in rehab. I use poetry as a release as I've learned you need to get those feelings out or they can be so destructive on your health. ♡♡♡
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