I Know

I long for the day I look into my son’s beautiful brown eyes and all I see looking back is that amazing sparkle. I’ve missed it so much but I know one day that special angel will bring him that twinkling star and ignite that spark again. I long for the day I see my son’s beautiful smile and those adorable dimples that melt my heart. I know that one day when he has made peace with his past he will be overwhelmed with joy and that smile will light up the darkest sky. I long for that day when my son can tell me, look mom I’ve made it I’m sober. I know that day is coming  because he is working so hard at overcoming his addiction, and together hand in hand, heart to heart, eye to eye, we will turn the new leaf over. I know. ♡

About heidih45

I am a mom who has a 24 yr old son who has been addicted to drugs for 8 years but is currently in rehab. I use poetry as a release as I've learned you need to get those feelings out or they can be so destructive on your health. ♡♡♡
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