My Wish

My  wish is that all our loved ones could see the light and take that step, start their fight! If they would just reach out their hand and trust that God will help them stand. To free their souls and open their eyes, to beat this demon and beat him well and send him back to the depths of hell. If just for an instant they could see the beauty, the freedom, of recovery.  No more hiding, no more shame, break the stigma and shout out your name! Your lives are worth it just wait and see, when your mind is clear of those dangerous drugs and the dealers you thought were your friends, their just thugs. Your families and friends will be by your side when you take that first step and your heart fills with love and pride. So this year to God I will pray, Lord, just grant me one wish and not just for me, but that all of your children will finally break free and take that first step towards Recovery♡

About heidih45

I am a mom who has a 24 yr old son who has been addicted to drugs for 8 years but is currently in rehab. I use poetry as a release as I've learned you need to get those feelings out or they can be so destructive on your health. ♡♡♡
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